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Introduction to Microbiology
Chapter 1      The History and Scope of Microbiology
Chapter 2      The Study of Microbial Structure
Chapter 3      Procaryotic Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 4      Eucaryotic Cell Structure and Function

Microbial Nutrition, Growth and Control
Chapter 5      Microbial Nutrition
Chapter 6      Microbial Growth
Chapter 7      Control of Microorganisms

Microbial Metabolism
Chapter 8      Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes
Chapter 9      Metabolism: Generation of Energy
Chapter 10    Metabolism: Use of Energy in Biosynthesis
Chapter 11    Metabolism: Synthesis of Proteins

Chapter 12    Metabolism: Enzyme and Gene Regulation

Microbial Genetics
Chapter 13    Microbial Genetics: General Principles
Chapter 14    Microbial Genetics: Recombination and Plasmids
Chapter 15    Recombinant DNA Technology

The Viruses
Chapter 16    The Viruses: Introduction
Chapter 17    The Viruses: Bacteriophages

Chapter 18    The Viruses: Viruses of Eucaryotes

The Diversity of the Microbial World
Chapter 19     Microbial Taxonomy
Chapter 20     The Archaea
Chapter 21     Bacteria: The Deinococci and Nonproteobacteria Gram-Negatives
Chapter 22     Bacteria: The Proteobacteria
Chapter 23     Bacteria: The Low G+C Gram Positives
Chapter 24     Bacteria: The High G+C Gram Positives
Chapter 25     The Fungi, Slime Molds and Water Molds
Chapter 26     The Algae
Chapter 27     The Protozoa

The Nature of Symbiotic Associations
Chapter 28     Commensalism, Mutualism and the Normal Microbiota
                     of the Human Body
Chapter 29     Parasitism, Pathogenicity, and Resistance

The Fundamentals of Immunology
Chapter 30     The Immune Response: Antigens and Antibodies
Chapter 31     Chemical Mediators, B- and T-Cell Biology and Immune Disorders
Chapter 32     Antigen-Antibody Reactions

Microbial Diseases and Their Control
Chapter  33    Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Chapter  34    Clinical Microbiology
Chapter  35    The Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
Chapter  36    Human Diseases Caused by Viruses
Chapter  37    Human Diseases Caused by Gram-Positive
                     and Gram-Negative Bacteria

Chapter  38    Human Diseases Caused by Other Bacteria
Chapter  39    Human Diseases Caused by Fungi and Protozoa

Microorganisms and the Environment
Chapter 40    Microorganisms as Components of Ecosystems
Chapter 41    Marine and Freshwater Environments
Chapter 42    Terrestrial Environments

Food and Industrial Microbiology
Chapter 43     Microbiology of Food
Chapter 44    Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology